Heather Kahn

Cross Training, Muay Thai Kickboxing & Boot Camp

Heather has been training Muay Thai under Martin Gonzalez for over 10 years. Fitness has always been a part of her life. She currently does CrossFit and competes in local races & triathlons as well as continuing her Muay Thai training under Kru Martin Gonzalez.

She started out teaching aerobic classes at Bally’s Total Fitness in Tampa, FL. She is certified as a Level I Crossfit Instructor, Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor & Crossfit Olympic Lifting Instructor. She has received her red armband in Muay Thai under Master Saohin Srisuk and Kru Martin Gonzalez. Certifications include Kettlebells, Sandbags and TRX / Rip Training. Heater is also personal trainer and teaches out of the gym or your home or business. She is ACTC certified as a poersonal trainer.